Speaker on the following conferences, presentations

               1986   Prague - Demand-controlled industrial scheduling models
                          VUSTE Institute Conference
               1998 Johannesburg - Establishing logistics organization – conflicts and solutions
                         SAB Planning Conference
               2001 Tihany - Production and supply logistics in practice at an FMCG firm
                         Supply Chain Business Class Conference
               2001 Balatonfüred - Re-engineering of logistics system at an FMCG firm
                         9th. Conference of Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management
               2002 Budapest – Hilton Westend: Supply Chain Management. Case study.

                         Figyelő Forum „Supply Chain Management in the FMCG sector”
               2002 Budapest – Mercure: How does the GPS optimization system operate in the practice ? 

                         Institute for International Research conference

                         “Efficient technics and the ways of development in the logistics“
               2002 Siófok - GPS based distribution system for optimisation of supply chain systems

                         10th Conference of HALPIM
               2003 Budapest – Hilton Buda: Successful stock management.
                         Institute for International Research conference

                          “Effective Logistics processes  “
               2003 Miskolc Egyetem - Improvement of performance of Supply Chain processes through optimisation

                         of delivery. „Miskolc Talks 2003” International Conference
               2003 Batonkenese - Development of processes of Supply Chain – change in quality

                        Supply Chain Business Class Conference
               2003 Balatonfüred - Emerging Supply Chain – Hungary as Regional Distribution Center
                        11th Conference of HALPIM
               2004 Balatonöszöd - Hungary as potential logistics center.

                        OUR MISSION in EUROPE Management master course and conference - OMEGAGLEN
               2004 Budapest – Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal: Panel-talking - logistics providers and their partners

                         Supply Chain Business Class Conference

               2004 Prága – Hotel Intercontinental: Role of HALPIM in development of logistics capability of Hungary

                         International Conference of IARW and WFLO     pic1  pic2  pic3
               2005 Budapest – Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Agrologistical challenges and prospect of Hungary
                         Budapest Corvinus University, HALPIM, Logistics Board of HAoS
               2007 Miskolc - View about logistics development potential in North-Hungary            A  B
                         Miskolc University,  ’The logistics development possibilities in the North-Hungary region’ conference

               2007 Budapest - Improvement of process efficiency through continuous communication

                         Institute for International Research - Masterclass - Logistics process management

               2008 Balatonalmádi - Market and supply (The value of market)
                         16th Conference of HALPIM

               2009 Budapest - Gaps and connection points in the theory and the practice of logistics

                         BCE, „Modern technical solutions in the logistics” workshop-series - closing conference

               2009 Budapest - The role of Logistics Development Center in connection of quality and logistics

                         BMGE, "Quality and logistics / as made by profis" conference.

               2009 Nagybánya, Romania - Logistics

                        NKTH KKC workshop series for general managers of SMEs

               2009 Budapest - Innovation and R&D activity at logistic system development

                         HALPIM Advisor Team workshop

               2010 Balatonalmádi - The  Danube's (as an „eight-strip highway”) possible role at city logistics tasks

                         18th Conference of HALPIM

               2010 Miskolc - Green logistics - the chance for the future

                         Miskolc University - Central European Logistics Conference

               2011 Budapest - Logistics activity and cooperation at an FMCG company

                         Budapest Corvinus University - TechFood, Transnational Focus Group

               2011 Barcelona - Combined city logistics plan for Budapest based on Danube

                         ERRIN, LEITAT - C-LIÉGE: 1st Plenary Knowledge Sharing Workshop  

               2011 Budapest - The interaction of quality management and logistics

                         Quality World-day conference



               2004 MLBKT XII. congress - Supply Chain section - chairman

                          Logisztikai Híradó 2004 12     24  29  34

               2005 MLBKT XIII. congress - Agrologisticsi secition - chairman

                          Logisztikai Híradó 2006 02     42  43



                          Guest Speaker in the higher education:


                    2001 Universal Business College - Budapest

                    2002 Budapest Economical University (MBA)

                    2003 Budapest Economical University (logistics branch)

                    2005 Budapesti Corvinus University (logisztics branch)

                    2006 Central European University (operation management)

                    2007 Budapesti Corvinus University (MBA; logisztics – English team)

                    2011- Budapest Business School (logistics)