2012-         Bonitat Ltd      Position: General manager
                           IFKA Logistics Development Centre - external consultant

                2008-2011    IFKA Logistics Development Centre

                           Position:          General manager
                1995-2008    DREHER BREWERIES  (SABMiller South-African Breweries-Miller EUROPE)  

                                        Position:          Logistics planning manager
                                        Key activities:           strategical planning, balanced and efficient operation of system,
                                                                         managing of horizontal-organized functional teams, checked sales 
                                                                         forecast, optimized supply chain planning, processing of customer 
                                                                         orders and organizing of shipment, control of warehousing, 
                                                                         responsibility for budget (operation costs), inventory of goods, 
                                                                         high supply level; organizing of purchasing of imported beers and 
                                                                         raw/packaging materials, logistics projects.                       
                1994-1995    COLGATE-PALMOLIVE HUNGARY       
                           Position:          Project and Production planning manager

                                         Key activities:            production and warehouse projects, stock management, optimized supply 
                                                                          chain organizing, sales forecast planning, processing of customer orders, 
                                                                          planning of imported products and basic/packaging material purchasing.                       
             1990-1994     TRANS-AGENT INTERNATIONAL
                            Position:         Sales director
                                          Key activities:           market research on the field of metall trading in Europe and Asia (with
                                                                          contract prepairing option), searching for production cooperation, free 
                                                                          capacities in Hungary and Eastern-Europe (engineering-expert system.
           1987-1990     DATERGON Bureau-Technological Development and Supplying Ltd 
                            Position:         IT director
                                          Key activities:           information systems development; trade of systems
           1986-1987     SIGNAL Organizational and Computer Technology Company 
                            Position:         Consultant
                                          Key activities:           rationalizing of business processes, crisis management at companies, 
                                                                          prepairing of privatization of companies
                            Position:         Logistics application consultant
                                          Key activities:           production organizing and planning tasks (inbound logistics) (research and 
                                                                           industrial applications)


                 Professional activities
                    - Member of presidency of Hungarian Association of Logistics Purchasing and Inventory Management 

                    - Certified expert of HALPIM
	    - Permanent invited of Logistics Board of Hungarian Academy of Scienses

                         The normal yearly general assembly at Dreher in the year of 2004

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